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Georgia Model Brain Injury System
Emory University/Shepherd Center
Atlanta, GA
Project Director: Anthony Y. Stringer, Ph.D.
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The Georgia Model Brain Injury System (GAMBIS) has the capacity to follow approximately 45 percent of the moderate to severe brain injury cases expected annually in metropolitan Atlanta, and combines the academic resources of Emory University and the Crawford Research Institute of Shepherd Center, Inc., with the clinical resources inherent in six trauma centers, two inpatient rehabilitation programs, and multiple postacute and subacute rehabilitation pathways. Project activities include: comparisons between the efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and cost per quality-adjusted life year for patients in home-based and facility-based subacute care; outcome comparisons between TBI patients grouped by injury severity to determine optimal matches between patients and service delivery methods; the impact of violence as a cause of injury on cost and outcome within all postacute treatment pathways; studying the efficacy of telecommunications technology and a consumer-directed Clubhouse Program in supporting community and vocational reentry; and the role of traditional (e.g., injury severity, level of insurance benefits) and novel (e.g., progesterone level, apolipoprotein E genotype) predictors of outcome and subjective well-being following TBI.

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