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Missouri Model Brain Injury System
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO
Telephone: 573-882-6290
Project Director: Brick Johnstone, Ph.D.
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The Missouri Model Brain Injury System (MOMBIS) is a Model System center that serves the primarily rural communities of central Missouri. It provides a continuum of care for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI), is completing a series of innovative research programs and contributes data to the national data base for existing TBI Model Systems. In contrast to other existing centers, MOMBIS primarily serves and researches individuals with TBI from rural communities, an underserved and understudied population. This model system of care: 1) investigates the efficacy of alternative methods of service delivery interventions after inpatient rehabilitation discharge and after other post-acute treatment pathways; 2) identifies/evaluates interventions utilizing emerging technology that can improve vocational outcome and community integration; 3) develops key predictors of rehabilitation outcome, including subjective well-being, at hospital discharge and at long-term follow-up; 4) determines the relationships among cost of care, specific treatment interventions and functional outcomes; and 5) examines the implication of violence as a cause of TBI on treatment interventions, rehabilitation costs, and long-term outcomes. In order to meet these objectives the MOMBIS collects and contributes data on patient characteristics, diagnosis, cause of injury, interventions, outcomes, and costs to a uniform national data base; willingly participates in collaborative research with other TBI Model System centers; and coordinates research efforts with other NIDRR TBI-related grants. Given the large number of individuals with TBI in rural communities, which is an underserved and understudied population, and given that other existing model systems are in urban settings, the MOMBIS is significantly adding to the study of clinical and systems analysis of TBI by including patients primarily from rural communities. The MOMBIS works collaboratively with existing TBI resources and agencies in central Missouri, including the Missouri Rehabilitation Center, Missouri Head Injury Advisory Council, and the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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