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Oregon TBI Model System
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland, OR
Telephone: 503-494-8311
Project Director: Nancy Carney, Ph.D.
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This model system compares treatment and outcomes among people with TBI cared for within the model system versus those who follow alternative care paths. The sample: (1) includes trauma system patients who remain in Portland and those who return to rural homes after discharge, allowing for a comparison of care paths as determined by environment; (2) assesses outcomes based on the type and extent of care by evaluating payer programs by level and type of funding; and (3) develops and validates two key predictors of outcome: a measure of acute care and a social adjustment scale. This understanding of outcomes as determined by care path (model versus alternative), environment (rural versus urban), and payer program (level of funding) is used to address the three primary needs of Oregon residents with TBI and their families: information, access, and quality. Ancillary demonstration projects implement and evaluate caregiver training and home-based multidisciplinary rehabilitation as an alternative to postacute treatment interventions.

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