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JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Traumatic Brain Injury Model System
JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
Edison, NJ
Telephone: 732-906-2645
Project Director: Keith D. Cicerone, Ph.D.
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The New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Model System at JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute addresses the spectrum of severity and needs of persons with TBI. The New Jersey TBI Model System resides within a statewide system of trauma care that is one of the most extensive and coherent in the nation. Two Level I trauma centers in central and northern New Jersey and two Level II Trauma Centers in southern and western New Jersey participate in the TBI Model System. Programs for brain injury rehabilitation at JFK-JRI include a 24 bed acute Brain Trauma Unit that includes coma assessment and intervention, a 45 bed Extended Recovery Unit for persons requiring prolonged in-patient treatment, a Transitional Living program to facilitate community-re-entry, and comprehensive postacute rehabilitation including a specialized Cognitive Rehabilitation program. The TBI Model System at JFK-JRI will conduct three research projects that reflect our commitment to meeting the needs of the individual at all levels of severity and recovery. One project investigates the relationship between neurobehavioral functioning and fMRI cerebral activation in persons with minimally conscious state (MCS), and the contribution of fMRI to the prediction of neurobehavioral and functional recovery one year after injury. The second project is a randomized controlled trial of holistic-comprehensive cognitive rehabilitation compared with conventional rehabilitation. This study, and our third qualitative research study, will also investigate factors that contribute to subjective well-being and quality of life after TBI rehabilitation. Dissemination and community outreach activities of the New Jersey TBI Model System will be conducted through collaboration with the state Department of Disability, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and the New Jersey Brain Injury Association.

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