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Northern California TBI Model System
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
San Jose, CA
Telephone: 408-885-2000
Project Director: Jeffrey Englander, M.D.
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Individuals with TBI are a major portion of the clientele at SCVMC, a level 1 trauma center. Since 1976, SCVMC has provided categorical care in a Brain Injury program for inpatients and outpatients and was first an RSA, then a NIDRR-designated Model System for TBI since the inception of those programs. Based on input from individuals with TBI in our community, this grant's focus is on the "Health and Function" priority. Two studies are designed to better characterize the type and impact of fatigue post-TBI: 1) a cross-sectional study of individuals up to 15 years post-injury; 2) a longitudinal study focusing on the evolution of fatigue over the first 2 years post-injury. Both studies will assess fatigue levels and possible contributing factors - depression/affective disorders, sleep disturbance, activity, and neuroendocrine function. Two additional studies will characterize the impact of late posttraumatic seizures (LPTS) post-TBI. These studies will match subjects on demographic, severity of injury, and psychosocial characteristics and will: 1) utilize the TBIMS National Database to compare functional, vocational, and medical complication outcomes of those with and without LPTS; 2) in collaboration with Denver Health Medical Center, interview participants from a previously funded NIDRR grant on seizure risk identification to further evaluate barriers to the environment, transportation, and challenges in control of their seizures. Dissemination efforts will build on our already active Center for Outcome Measurements in Brain Injury ( in collaboration from at least 15 other centers. Additional dissemination will occur via other Internet resources; local, national, and international presentations; newsletters; and peer-reviewed publications.

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