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The Ohio Regional TBI Model System
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
Telephone: 614-293-3830
Project Director: John D. Corrigan, Ph.D.
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The Ohio Regional Traumatic Brain Injury Model System, located in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Ohio State University, has been a TBI Model System since 1997. The program operates under the umbrella of the Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, which provides consumer participation via its 30-member Advisory Council. Composed primarily of consumers from a multi-state region, the Advisory Council prioritizes needs, reviews funding opportunities, participates in implementation, monitors progress and evaluates program outcomes. The Ohio model system will conduct two local research projects addressing NIDRR's "Maintaining Health and Function" priority. Both projects concern substance abuse and persons with TBI. Study 1 is a randomized clinical trial testing interventions to promote retention in substance abuse treatment. This study employs intervention strategies found effective for clients with TBI when first engaging with a treatment program. Study 2 is a test of the validity of an instrument to objectively document the extent of a person's prior history of TBI. This instrument is intended for research on TBI as a mediating factor in substance abuse treatment. The Ohio Regional TBI Model System serves 2.4 million people in a 25-county area covering central and southern Ohio. All three Level I trauma centers in Central Ohio, and one of two Level II centers, are participants in the Ohio Regional TBI Model System. Brain injury rehabilitation is provided in a 24-bed, CARF-accredited, specialized Brain Injury Unit in the OSU Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The center has developed innovative community integration programs, including: Team Brain Injury (follow-up case management), the TBI Network (substance abuse treatment), and Community Capacity Building (education and advocacy, operated in conjunction with the Brain Injury Association of Ohio).

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