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The Registry
Mayo Clinic Traumatic Brain Injury Model System
Mayo Medical Center
Rochester, MN
Telephone: 507-255-5109
Project Director: James F Malec
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Clinical Description

Pre-hospital and trauma care: Pre-hospital medical care and transport is available both by air (Mayo-I helicopters and fixed wing air crafts) and ground (Gold Cross ambulance). The Department of Emergency Medicine provides early care and life-saving intervention in its 43-bed ER, located at Saint Marys Hospital, one of Mayo's two acute care hospitals. From the ER patients are typically admitted to one of two ICUs: the 20-bed Neurosurgical ICU or the 24-bed Trauma ICU. The Department of Neurologic Surgery is one of the largest in the US with 10 Neurosurgeons who perform more than 3,000 procedures annually. Acute brain rehabilitation services are provided and coordinated by the Brain Rehabilitation Consultation Service (BRCS). As patients' conditions improve, they are transferred either directly to the Rehabilitation Unit or to one of three Neurosurgery/Neurology or two Trauma stepdown units housing 72 beds.

Comprehensive rehabilitation: The Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R), founded in 1935, occupies 60,000 sq. ft. and includes state of the art treatment areas and the full complement of rehabilitation disciplines (including 28 physiatrists and 3 neuropsychologists). Inpatient rehabilitation is provided and coordinated by the Brain Rehabilitation Unit Service (BRUS) within the confines of Saint Marys Hospital's 47-bed Rehabilitation Unit. Mayo's General Rehabilitation, Spinal Cord Injury, and Brain Injury inpatient programs are JCAHO and CARF-accredited. The vast majority of Rehabilitation Unit admissions come from other units at St. Marys Hospital but external admissions are not unusual. For those patients with extensive orthopedic injuries unable to immediately enter the Rehabilitation Unit, the Charter House, an affiliated 32-bed skilled care facility located on the Mayo campus, is available for limited stays.

Post-Acute Services in Rehabilitation: Outpatient services include a Brain Rehabilitation Clinic for patients with more circumscribed follow up needs; the Comprehensive Brain Rehabilitation Day Program, a CARF-accredited day program that engages patients with more pervasive cognitive, behavioral, and emotional impairments in group-oriented interventions provided by a transdisciplinary team; the less intense Community Reintegration Outpatient Group; and the Mayo Interdisciplinary Program for Cognitive Rehabilitation for patients who primarily require individual cognitive therapy. Specialized Vocational Services, provided by an on-site Vocational Coordinator, are available to patients in postacute rehabilitation. One year after placement over 80% of those who received Specialized vocational Services are in community-based employment with or without support.

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