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The Registry
Carolinas Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Research System
Carolinas Rehabilitation
Charlotte, NC
Telephone: 704-355-4330
Project Director: Flora M Hammond
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Clinical Description

Pre-hospital and trauma care: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) include MedCenter Air and the county ambulance service. CMC has 861 beds and houses the state's busiest Emergency Department, caring for over 105,000 patients per year including over 1,300 patients with TBI. CMC is one of five medical centers in the state designated as an Academic Medical Center Teaching Hospital. The acute care trauma surgeons, othropedists, and rehabilitation specialists work closely together to optimize our outcomes.

Comprehensive rehabilitation: One of the largest and most comprehensive freestanding facilities in the Southeast, CIR is a 133-bed facility accredited through the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Located on the CMC campus, CIR houses the Carolinas' most comprehensive brain injury unit with 33 beds and a 13 bed secured Neuro-behavioral Unit. Each year approximately 320 persons with brain injury receive inpatient rehabilitation at CIR. Treatment is provided by an integrated, multidisciplinary brain injury treatment team which includes: physiatrists with brain injury fellowship training, nursing, medical social workers, clinical case managers, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, recreational therapists, cognitive education specialists, neuropsychologists, the patient and family. Education about brain injury is provided through the medical staff, one-on-one meetings with CTBIRRS staff, a weekly family education program, support groups, fact sheets, prepared materials, and the brain injury resource library.

Post-Acute Services in Rehabilitation: Post-acute services are offered at CIR to facilitate recovery in the home and community environments, including the Clinic, the Brain Injury Program, Driving Program, Vocational Services, Project STAR, Family and Community Support Office, Adapted Sports and Adventure Program, Adaptive Technology Program, Wheelchair Seating, Augmentative Communication, Vision Program, and Dizziness Assessments & Treatments. In the Clinic the physiatrist addresses medical and rehabilitation issues related to brain injury. Botulinum injections and phenol nerve blocks are available to decrease muscle tone interfering with function. The Brain Injury Program offers individual (physical, occupational, speech, cognitive education therapies and neuropsychology) and group therapies (adjustment, community and cognitive skills groups). Cognitive education and vocational specialists and neuropsychologists serve those returning to academics or work. Families are provided information about TBI, given referrals to community service agencies. CIR creates opportunities for community participation. Nine brain injury support groups are available.

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