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The Registry
The Ohio Regional TBI Model System
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
Telephone: 614-293-3830
Project Director: John D Corrigan
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Clinical Description

Pre-hospital and trauma care: The Ohio Regional TBI Model System begins with rapid air medical transport provided by MedFlight, which is jointly owned by Ohio State University (OSU) Medical Center, OhioHealth and Akron General Medical Center. Six helicopters and two airplanes are supported by six Mobile Intensive Care Units are strategically located throughout central, southeast, and northeast Ohio to allow rapid transport to the three American College of Surgeons (ACS) certified Level I trauma centers located in Columbus. All three Level I trauma centers - the OSU Medical Center, Grant Medical Center, and Columbus Children's Hospital - are part of the Ohio Regional TBI Model System. A second hospital under the umbrella of the OhioHealth Trauma Program, Riverside Hospital, gained ACS verification as a Level II trauma center and is part of the Ohio Regional TBI Model System, as well. Each adult hospital has a transitional unit operated by Select Specialty Hospitals that is part of the model system.

Comprehensive rehabilitation: Comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation in the Ohio Regional TBI Model System is provided in the 24-bed, Brain Injury Unit in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the OSU Medical Center. Established in 1983, it was the first program in the state to be CARF accredited for specialized brain injury rehabilitation and remains the only program so accredited serving central, north central and southern Ohio. All local hospitals refer patients with severe TBI to the Brain Injury Unit at OSU; however, the majority of patients come from the three adult trauma centers in our Model System. Continuity from trauma service to inpatient rehabilitation admission is facilitated by the involvement of OSU Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinical faculty and residents from the first days of trauma care through admission to rehabilitation.

Post-Acute Services in Rehabilitation: Post-acute services are provided through the Brain Injury Clinic, the outpatient NeuroRehabilitation Program, and the TBI Network. All patients discharged from the Brain Injury Unit are followed through the Brain Injury Clinic until there are no additional medical rehabilitation needs. Contact may be re-initiated at any time. TBI Model System research staff initiate re-contact with the clinic when needs are identified during follow-up activities, linkages and referrals to community-based services may be arranged as well. Integrated PT, OT, Speech, Vocational and Psychological services are provided via the NeuroRehabilitation Program. Services are typically provided in the period immediately following inpatient rehabilitation, though services may be initiated at any time post-injury. The TBI Network is a specialized treatment program for persons with TBI and substance use disorders. Services are community-based, using a case management model. Vocational services are integrated within the treatment model. Involvement with the program can begin while still in inpatient rehabilitation, but may occur at any time post-injury. An average of 100 clients are treated annually, the average length of stay for successful discharges is two years. The Ohio Regional TBI Model System has participated in a joint venture with the Brain Injury Association of Ohio (BIA-OH) to build Central Ohio's capacity to better serve persons with TBI. The goal of the project is to integrate public information, professional education, and systems advocacy for preventing secondary complications of TBI. Community systems are impacted not only through education of their members, but also by building a commitment from within the system to effect change in the way persons with TBI are served.

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