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Serial Casting Versus Ultrasound with Weight Bearing for the Treatment of Equinovarus Contractures in the Individual with Acute TBI: Comparison of Efficacy and Cost

Plantar flexion contractures are a common complication of TBI. Multiple treatment methods are available for increasing joint range of motion (ROM). Serial casting and ultrasound combined with a static stretch are two conservative methods of treatment for plantar flexion contractures known to increase dorsiflexion ROM. However, studies have not compared the effectiveness and cost of serial casting versus ultrasound/static stretch in increasing dorsiflexion ROM. This is a randomized, controlled study comparing the efficacy and cost associated with these two methods

Registry Project Number: 130
Lead Investigator: Hammond, F
Lead Center for Project: Carolinas Rehabilitation
Collaborating Investigators: Lang, E, LaBarbera, J, Bucklew, S, Norton, H, Burke, D, Flanagan, S, Rupright, J
Collaborating Institutions: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, University of Missouri
Expected Completion: 01/01/2007
Type: National
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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