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Community integration and life satisfaction in TBI from violent etiologies

Violence is the second leading cause of injury for patients treated in the TBIMS. This study will examine the community integration of individuals who sustain gunshot wounds (GSWs), assaults, and high velocity injuries in motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). It will also compare satisfaction with life for individuals with violence-related TBIs with those of other etiologies

Registry Project Number: 150
Lead Investigator: Bushnik, T
Lead Center for Project: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Collaborating Investigators: High Jr., W, Hanks, R, Kreutzer, J, Boake, C
Collaborating Institutions: The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia
Date of Completion: 12/31/2002
Type: National
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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