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Penetrating Head Injury: A Prospective Study of Outcomes

Previous trauma studies have evaluated outcomes following civilian penetrating brain injuries using mortality and global functional measures. No previous study has documented functional outcomes utilizing a more sensitive measure, such as the FIM, among survivors of penetrating traumatic brain injury (TBI). Although there is a high mortality among persons with penetrating brain injuries, the functional outcomes of survivors have not been well documented. We undertook a prospective descriptive study of persons with penetrating brain injury assessing the demographics, disposition, and functional outcomes after acute hospitalization and inpatient rehabilitation

Registry Project Number: 172
Lead Investigator: Zafonte, R
Lead Center for Project: Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Collaborating Investigators: Wood, D, Harrison-Felix, C, Valena, N, Black, K
Keywords: efficacy, community integration, rehabilitation, intervention, cognitive rehabilitation, memory, learning, living skills, technology, therapy
Date of Completion: 03/31/2001
Type: Local
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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