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Validation of the Designation "Apathetic" on the Apathy Evaluation Scale

45 outpatients with TBI completed the AES-S. 37 family members, friends, or significant others filled out the AES-I. Three clinicians prospectively gave a blind impression of the presence or absence of apathy and retrospectively described his/her perception of the subjectÂ’s apathy on a seven-point subjective rating scale. No cutoff score on the AES-S or AES-I was found to have reasonable sensitivity and specificity with respect to the ability to predict the clinician's designation of a subject as apathetic

Registry Project Number: 185
Lead Investigator: Glenn, M
Lead Center for Project: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Collaborating Investigators: Burke, D, O'Neil-Pirozzi, T, Goldstein, R, Kettell, J
Keywords: outcome, prediction, community integration
Date of Completion: 10/01/1999
Type: Local
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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