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Responsiveness of the Community Integration Questionnaire (CIQ) and the Supervision Rating Scale (SRS)

It is unknown whether the CIQ (or the SRS) is sensitive to change in S.s. This study planned to use data from other studies, where the CIQ (and/or the SRS) is collected both before and after CI-related interventions, to assess whether these instruments are responsive to change. The study was never initiated due to lack of sufficient available data.

Registry Project Number: 188
Lead Investigator: Goldstein, R
Lead Center for Project: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Collaborating Investigators: Hammond, F
Collaborating Institutions: Carolinas Rehabilitation
Keywords: outcome, prediction, work, employment, functional status, disability, community integration
Date of Completion: 08/30/2002
Type: National
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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