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Improving Prediction of Long-Term Functional Outcomes Through Case Mix Adjustment

The effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions is ultimately judged based on functional outcomes produced, and in this endeavor, one must be able to adjust for individual factors that affect prognosis, or case mix. We will use several approaches to develop case mix adjustment models for one-year follow-up outcomes. If the different methodologies suggest similar models, this will increase the confidence with which they can be employed. If not, it will be useful to understand variations in the models as a way to explore the structure of relationships between predictors and outcomes and the usefulness of the modeling approaches themselves.

Registry Project Number: 235
Lead Investigator: Segal, M
Lead Center for Project: Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
Collaborating Investigators: Whyte, J, Goodman, P, Hauck, W, Goldstein, R, Polansky, M
Collaborating Institutions: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Keywords: outcome, prediction, employment
Date of Completion: 12/01/2001
Type: National
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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