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Improving vocational and financial outcomes

Individuals with TBI often have significant difficulties returning to work because of the physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral impairments they face. Assisting individuals with TBI in their return to work can improve their financial status, self-esteem, and general functioning. This project attempts to identify those factors that are most predictive of vocational and financial outcomes for individuals with TBI. Every person with a TBI who receives a neuropsychological evaluation for the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) will be followed to determine what is most helpful to them in returning to work. Particular questions of interest will be determining what are the best predictors of outcome (e.g., gender, age, race, IQ level, neuropsychological impairments, physical problems, etc.), what are the specific vocational services that are most beneficial (e.g., vocational training, supported employment, etc.), and how vocational rehabilitation improves personal earning capabilities and reduces the need for government assistance programs.

Registry Project Number: 247
Lead Investigator: Johnstone, B
Lead Center for Project: University of Missouri
Collaborating Investigators: Bounds, T, Harper, J
Keywords: acute care, assessment, complications, emergency care, intervention, level of care, measurement, medical complications, medical management, medication, prediction, surgery
Date of Completion: 08/01/2002
Type: Local
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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