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Impact of Balance Deficits on Inpatient Rehabilitation Functional Outcome: A Multicenter Study

Balance has previously been shown to play an important role in ADL, mobility and rehabilitation outcomes after stroke. There is a dearth of literature on the relationship of balance and TBI outcomes. This study will explore if an association exists between impaired sitting and standing balance on admission to rehabilitation and rehabilitation outcomes. Specifically looking at how impaired sitting balance relates to. 1) Admit and discharge transfer and locomotion FIM scores. 2) Efficiency of FIM gain during inpatient rehabilitation. 3) Rehabilitation charges. 4) Rehabilitation length of stay. 5) Discharge disposition. The predictive role of balance ratings beyond other measures of severity will also be explored.

Registry Project Number: 249
Lead Investigator: Greenwald, B
Lead Center for Project: Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research and Education Corporation
Collaborating Investigators: Cifu, D, Marwitz, J, Brown, A, Englander, J, Zafonte, R
Collaborating Institutions: Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia, Mayo Medical Center, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Keywords: neuropsychology, caregiver, level of care
Date of Completion: 12/01/2001
Type: National
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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