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Using the Internet to Provide Peer Support

Objective: Demonstration project to evaluate the potential utility of providing peer support via the Internet, including potential problems with access to and use by persons with brain injury.

Design: Weekly chat room and survey.

Results: Difficulties were found with chat room participation, however 486 surveys were returned. Results of the survey were compared with that obtained by the US Census Bureau. Some aspects of computer and internet usage among persons with TBI were found to be higher than that reported for the national population. However, some barriers to usage were also identified.

Conclusions: Barriers to access still exist, but despite these barriers family members and persons with brain injury are finding ways to use the Internet on an equal level with the general population.

Registry Project Number: 407
Lead Investigator: Corrigan, J
Lead Center for Project: Ohio State University
Collaborating Investigators: Lamb-Hart, G
Date of Completion: 11/17/2001
Type: Local
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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