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Two to Four Years Post-Injury: Impact of Late Post-Traumatic Seizures

Traumatic brain injuries account for 20% of symptomatic epilepsy in the general population and 5% of all epilepsy. The risk factors associated with the development of late post-traumatic seizures, which are defined as occurring after the first week of injury and within 2 years of injury, include age, penetrating injuries, multiple
neurosurgical procedures, severity of injury, locations of lesions, depressed skull fracture, intracranial hemorrhage, and occurrence of early PTS. This study will utilize the power of the TBI Model Systems National Database to compare and contrast the levels of impairment, disability, and participation of those who develop late post-traumatic seizures and those who do not. The two groups will be compared at two time points within the first five years of injury.

Registry Project Number: 471
Lead Investigator: Bushnik, T
Lead Center for Project: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Collaborating Investigators: Wright, J, Englander, J
Date of Completion: 06/30/2005
Type: Local
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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