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Relationships between cost of care, post-acute rehab & functional outcomes
Abstract: This project examines the relationship between cost of care, the effects of rehabilitation and functional outcome as measured by the FIM, DRS, and CIQ.... more
Investigators: High Jr. W view full
Lead Center: The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
Brain injury severity as measured by the Glasgow Coma Scale & its influence on outcome as measured by Disability Rating Scale at acute rehabilitation discharge and long term follow-up after severe TBI
Abstract: This study will compare outcomes among those with severe injuries to determine how they differ at discharge from rehabilitation and at 1, 5 and 10 years after injury. The data from the model system national database will be reviewed to determine how the patterns and ultimate recovery differ by Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score. Severity of injury will be measured by GCS scores in the emergency room. Outcome will be measured by the Disability Rating Scale (DRS).... more
Investigators: Burke D, Hammond F, Rosenthal M, Glenn M, Meythaler J, Jacob L view full
Lead Center: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Collaborating Centers: Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation, University of Alabama

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