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Impact and Efficacy of Electronic Personal Organizer versus Standard Memory Notebook on Memory, Daily function and Quality of Life
Abstract: Memory impairment is one of the most common complications of TBI, posing significant barriers to the everyday life, work, school, and quality of life. Standard practice involves memory strategies incorporating the use of a memory notebook. Increasingly, the general public has been using electronic personal organizers (EPOÂ’s). The EPO has all the features of the standard notebook as well as offering alarms and backup options, are compact, require no extra supplies, and are easy to update. This randomized, controlled study compares an EPO to the standard memory notebook in terms daily function.... more
Investigators: Hammond F, Grattan K, Norton H, Gosney G, Baker G, Hill J view full
Lead Center: Carolinas Rehabilitation
1 project available at this time for G Gosney

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