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Factors Influencing Cost of Care and Resource Utilization for Individuals with TBI Participating in Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation: The Relationship to Outcome
Abstract: Difficult decisions regarding the appropriate allocation of services are continually needed in order to control health care costs. In the case of TBI, such decisions must focus on optimizing function and quality of life while minimizing the costs to society and survivors. It is important to demonstrate the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of treatment interventions and service delivery models. Numerous studies have investigated the direct overall cost of acute medical and rehabilitation hospitalization. However, studies regarding the costs and effectiveness of particular treatment strategies utilized in a comprehensive rehabilitation programs and post-acutely are lacking. This study investigates potential predictors of cost... more
Investigators: Hammond F, Grattan K, McDeavitt J, Handy-Williams B, Norton H, Phillips V, Johnston M view full
Lead Center: Carolinas Rehabilitation
Collaborating Centers: Emory University/Shepherd Center, Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research and Education Corporation
1 project available at this time for James T. McDeavitt, M.D.

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