Welcome to the Live Syllabus section of the Traumatic Brain Injury National Data Center website. This project is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), United States Department of Education Grant H133A980030.

The Live Syllabus is the instruction manual for collection of data for the TBIMS database and quarterly submission of data to the TBI National Data Center (TBINDC). Live Syllabus documents may be accessed by clicking on Form I Variables, Form II Variables, or Appendices & Other Documents. Features of the Live Syllabus are described below.

Live Syllabus features:

Printing syllabus documents

All Live Syllabus variable pages and appendix documents can be printed individually by selecting Form I Variables, Form II Variables, or Appendices & Other Documents, opening the page or document, and then printing it.

Questions & Answers

TBINDC staff will answer your questions about the Live Syllabus. To ask a question, select “Q&A” in the gray menu bar at the top of the Live Syllabus screen. This will bring you to a list of questions that people have asked in the past and the TBINDC’s answers. Go to the upper right and select “submit a question/comment?” A box will display into which you can enter a question and submit it to the TBINDC

To view questions and answers about a specific variable, go to the syllabus page for that variable (by selecting “variables” in the menu bar) and viewing the questions (if any) that have been asked and answered about that variable. To view questions and answers about an appendix document, select “appendices” from the menu bar, scroll down to the appendix in which you are interested, and select “view questions”. (If “view questions” does not appear next to the appendix name, no questions have been asked/answered about that appendix.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about general issues (not variable-specific), which can be viewed through the link “FAQ” at the top of every Live Syllabus page.

PubMed abstracts

Articles in the syllabus are linked to PubMed abstracts, if an abstract for the article exists.

Numbering of syllabus documents

Appendix documents are numbered sequentially by section and within section to follow the sequence of the documents that existed in the syllabus binder. Each document’s number appears at the start of its file name, which is generally displayed at the right of the document’s footer (at the bottom of each page), at the bottom right of the last page of the document, or sometimes at the bottom of the first page. Documents obtained through links to non-TBIMS websites do not have a document number.

Traumatic Brain Injury Model System National Database Live Syllabus V10.3
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