Variable 105
date of last revision: 01/01/06
Self-reported race.

1 White
2 Black
3 Asian/Pacific Islander
4 Native American
5 Hispanic origin
7 Other, unclassified
9 Unknown

For a list of the specific racial/ethnic groups that fall within in each of the five categories (above), see the "2000 Census of Population and Housing" (US Department of Commerce, 2003), "Summary 1": 19a.Race Codes (http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2000/doc/sf1.pdf). The race codes are in the "Technical Documentation" section, starting on page 587. This list should be printed and inserted in Appendix F. (For TBIMS purposes, this list of race codes used in the 2000 census is sufficiently similar to the list used in the 1990 census, which was previously in Appendix F of the syllabus.)

1 numeric
Patient's or SO's statement is preferred to hospital record information.

Record participant's statement regarding his/her race, or record race of father.

*In obtaining a statement from the participant regarding his/her race/ethnicity, ambiguity may be resolved by asking which race/ethnicity is more important in his/her daily life.

The following Bureau of the Census guidelines are to be used to code mixed race: in the event of a mixed white and other race, the other race is used; in the event of mixed races other than white, the race of the father is used.

2000 Census, Department of Commerce: 19a.Race Codes (http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2000/doc/sf1.pdf)

Patient is a Native American


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