Variable 109a
date of last revision: 07/01/02
Zip Code of location where person with brain injury is living:
-- at the time just prior to injury
-- at discharge from Rehabilitation.

PURPOSE: To allow an estimate of the extent and type of health care services available in the participant's vicinity.

0 = Variable did not exist (cases admitted to System before 1/1/01)
8 = Not Applicable (patient expired in rehab; *patient lived outside US)
9 = Unknown
5 numeric
If the person has no residence, record the zip code of the area in which he/she is most likely to be.

Record zip code of first place the person goes after discharge, regardless of how long he/she resided there.
Patient resides in Newark, NJ, and returns home after inpatient rehabilitation.

At time of injury: 07102
At time of discharge: 07102

Traumatic Brain Injury Model System National Database Live Syllabus V10.3
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