ICD-9-CM Diagnosis codes for brain injury
Variable 137
date of last revision: 01/01/06
310.2 Post-traumatic encephalopathy post concussion syndrome
800 Skull fracture (vault)
801 Skull fracture (base)
803 Other and unqualified skull fractures
804 Multiple fractures involving skull or face with other bones
850 Concussion
851 Cerebral laceration and contusion
852 Subarachnoid, subdural, and extradural hemorrhage following injury
853 Other and unspecified intracranial hemorrhage following injury
854 Intracranial injury of other non-specified nature
905 Late effect of fracture of skull and face bones
907 Late effect of intracranial injury without mention of skull fracture
666.66 Variable didn't exist
888.88 No further code necessary
999.99 Unknown
3 numeric
4 numeric
5 numeric
*Enter only codes that refer to brain injury.

These codes should be assigned by medical records and recorded on the chart at acute discharge. Numbers should be coded just as they appear on the record and not padded with zeros. The "unknown" code (999.99) used in this syllabus should not be confused with the ICD-9-CM code for "other unspecified complication" (999.9).

If more than six ICD-9-CM codes listed on the medical record, use all codes listed above first. If more than six brain injury related codes, use those which indicate the most significant diagnoses. Codes do not need to be prioritized.

If you suspect errors in ICD-9 coding and can verify correct codes, please use corrected codes.

If there are no brain injury-related codes, ask your medical director for assistance in determining codes.
Patient had a vault skull fracture with no further information specified.


Traumatic Brain Injury Model System National Database Live Syllabus V10.3
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