Variable 176
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Total charges for a) Acute Hospitalization, and b) Inpatient Rehabilitation.
Actual dollar cost - round to whole dollars only, no cents.

[N/A code dropped]
999999 Unknown
6 numeric
Add preceding zeros, right-justify numbers.

Include psychology charges in the total inpatient rehabilitation hospital charge, even if the psychology charges are direct billed and not included in the hospital bill.

Charge data should be directly related to acute care and inpatient rehabilitation lengths of stay, therefore: 1) do not include charges for intermittent acute stays during inpatient rehabilitation.

*For interruptions in System care of less than 72 hours, there is enough variation across centers in the nature of charges data that are available, that for purposes of analysis, homogeneity of the data cannot be assumed.
Total charges for Acute Hospitalization = $12,439.45 and Inpatient Rehabilitation = $4,952.

a. 012439

b. 004952

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