Variable 200
date of last revision: 07/01/04
A *9-digit number assigned to each patient with brain injury by Project Staff at each center. First 2 digits are system I.D.; next 5 digits are subject I.D.; last 2 digits identify the follow-up evaluation year.
Start coding at:
*010000001 Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. This number was assigned in first round of funding. No data with this ID are in the database.
020000001 Medical College of Virginia
*030000001 The Institute for Rehabilitation & Research
040000001 Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
050000001 Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
060000001 Ohio State University
070000001 Moss Rehabilitation Hospital
080000001 University of Alabama
090000001 Craig Hospital
*100000001 Emory University
110000001 Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
120000001 Mayo Clinic
*130000001 University of Missouri
140000001 Mississippi Methodist Rehabilitation Center
*150000001 Kessler Medical Rehabilitation & Education Corp.
160000001 Charlotte Institute
*170000001 Oregon Health Sciences University
180000001 University of Washington
190000001 JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
200000001 University of Pittsburgh
210000001 Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
220000001 Mount Sinai School of Medicine

*=Not funded as of 10/2002.
9 numeric
Patient was treated at Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, and was patient number 12345 for the first follow-up evaluation.


Traumatic Brain Injury Model System National Database Live Syllabus V10.3
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