Variable 20Ac
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The manner in which interview data is collected from the main significant other.
1 In-person interview
2 Telephone interview
3 Questionnaire mailing
4 NA-data obtained out of window from secondary source
6 Variable did not exist at time data were collected
7 No data to be collected at this time (e.g., no funding)
8 No interview data provided by significant other. *(Use this code if participant is incarcerated.)
1 numeric
Interview data includes all Form II data collected from a family member/significant other of the person with brain injury, which includes any patient-related medical/functional/historical information which cannot be reliably obtained from the person with brain injury, or if the person with brain injury cannot be interviewed.

If multiple methods are used to collect data, record the method used the most with this participant.

Code 7 is not shown on Form II because it is a special purpose code and should not be used in normal data collection/submission.

Use code "4" for both V20Ab and V20Ac if most of the data were obtained out of window from a secondary source. These data must have originally been collected within-window and must be high quality. *Every effort should be made to collect data from the participant or an appropriately informed significant other. Data from other sources (indicated by code "4" ) should be entered only if: (1)it has not been possible to obtain that information from the person or SO during the follow-up window, (2) those data were originally collected during the follow-up window, and (3) the data meet TBIMS standards for data collection procedures and data quality standards.
Data were collected by in-person interview:via telephone interview.

QUESTION: On the syllabus I have and on the list of Form II Syllabus changes, it is noted "Added code 7" but that code isn't on the new Form II. Should it be? 
ANSWER: This code is used only for very specific purposes that data collectors will not run into. So, the code should not be on the Form II.  (01-15-2004)

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