Variable 112
date of last revision: 01/01/06
The major census occupational category in which the patient's occupation is included for his/her primary occupation in the month prior to injury.

*Instructions from Bureau of Census for collecting this information appear to not distinguish legal from illegal employment. The TBIMS Data Committee clarified that illegal employment is to be included (to take effect 1/1/06). See V111a for more information and for data collection instructions.
Code the patient's primary occupation using the categories below. For a list of the specific occupations in each category, see the "1990 Census of Population Occupational Classification System", pages 9-22 of this document: 1990 Census Industrial & Occupational Classification Codes (http://www.bls.gov/nls/quex/r1/y97r1cbka1.pdf). A copy of this list should be in Appendix D of your syllabus binder. For instructions using this document see: 17a.Instructions for 1990 Census Occupational Codes in Appendix D.

01 Executive, Administrative, and Managerial
02 Professional Speciality
03 Technicians and Related Support
04 Sales
05 Administrative Support Including Clerical
06 Private Household
07 Protective Service
08 Service, except Protective and Household
09 Farming, Forestry, and Fishing
10 Precision Production, Craft, and Repair
11 Machine Operators, Assemblers, and Inspectors
12 Transportation and Material Moving
13 Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers, and Laborers
14 Military Occupations
*77 Refused
88 Not Applicable, not coded 05 or 08 for variable 111a
99 Unknown occupation
2 numeric
Code only if variable 111a (employment status) is coded 05 or 08 (competitively employed or special employed) for either either the primary or secondary occupation; otherwise this variable must be coded 88.

*If data collector does not ask this question because participant was illegally employed, code "99=Unknown".
1990 Occupational Classification System, Alphabetical Index of Industries and Occupations, 1990 Census of Population and Housing, Bureau of the Census, U.S. Department of Commerce, pp 9-22. 1990 Census Industrial & Occupational Classification Codes (http://www.bls.gov/nls/quex/r1/y97r1cbka1.pdf)

Patient was primarily a secretary at the time of injury.


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