Variable 209
date of last revision: 09/05/06
Where the person with brain injury is living at time of follow-up evaluation, according to the best source of information (person with brain injury unless unavailable or unreliable).

01 Private Residence (includes house, apartment, mobile home, foster home, condominium, dormitory [school, church, college], military barracks, boarding school, boarding home, rooming house, bunk-house, boys' ranch, fraternity/sorority house, commune, migrant farmworkers' camp)
02 Nursing Home (includes medi-center, residential, institutions licensed as hospitals but providing essentially long-term, custodial, chronic disease care, etc.)
03 Adult Home (includes adult foster care, indep. living center, transitional living facility, *assisted living, supported living, group home)
04 Correctional Institution (includes prison, jail, penitentiary, correctional center, labor camp, etc.) For a list of on-line databases of incarcerated persons, see: 25a.List of online offender databases in Appendix L.
05 Hotel/Motel (includes YWCA, YMCA, guest ranch, inn)
06 Homeless (includes a shelter for the homeless)
07 Hospital - Acute Care
08 Hospital - Rehabilitation
09 Hospital - Other (includes mental hospital, inpatient drug rehabilitation
10 Subacute care (includes subacute hospital bed, skilled nursing facility)
77 Other
99 Unknown
2 numeric
Cases coded "04" must be coded "07/07/7777" in V201a (Follow-up Evaluation Date) in order to not be included in the Missing Data Report.

If there is uncertainty regarding residence, treat it as a self-report variable. If residence is not clear, a reliable respondent (when possible the person with TBI) should be asked, eg., "Where were you [the person with TBI] living at the time of the injury?". If the response is ambiguous (as may happen, eg., if the person is transient) use probes in order to adequately understand the respondent's belief regarding residence, then code that. Do not probe to obtain additional objective information about the living situation and then (the data collector) use that information in determining the correct code. When residence is at all ambiguous, treat it as a self-report variable.
Patient lived at home at time of evaluation.


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