Variable 211c
date of last revision: 01/01/06
Date the person with brain injury began competitive employment after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation. *Includes illegal employment (see V211a for more information and for data collection instructions).

??/??/???? Month, day, year
06/06/6666 Variable did not exist
*07/07/7777 Refused
08/08/8888 NA - no post-injury competitive employment
08/08/8899 NA - competitive employment started prior to last evaluation
09/09/9999 Unknown
8 date
The first day of work in which reimbursement was at or above the minimum wage.

If the exact date is unknown, estimate to the nearest half-month and code the day in the middle
of that half month.


Length of employment does not matter (e.g., employed for 1 day counts).

If on disability payments and return to work, count this as the first day (if competitive).

Ask this question if the person has been competitively employed since the last evaluation even if not currently competitively employed.

*If data collector does not ask this question because the participant's first employment was (or may have been) illegal, code "09/09/9999 = Unknown".

Began paid, competitive work sometime in the first half of March 2000.

QUESTION: I have a follow-up with a participant who is scheduled to start work a week after the interview took place. Should I code this variable as the date he's actually scheduled to start employment? 
ANSWER: If this is the person's first regular job after the brain injury, then next week's start date is the date that should be coded for V211c. If his planned employment falls through, be sure to correct this information in the database.  (06-26-2006)

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