Variable 211i
date of last revision: 01/01/06
Annualized income from * competitive employment, based on all competitive employment at the time of the evaluation. Calculate the person's income for the next year as if he/she were to continue to earn at the rate at the time of the follow-up evaluation. Do not take into account anticipated future changes in income--no matter how large or how temporary the present rate of earning.

*Includes illegal as well as legal employment (see V211a for more information and for data collection instructions).
01 $9,999 or less
02 $10,000-$19,999
03 $20,000-$29,999
04 $30,000-$39,999
05 $40,000-$49,999
06 $50,000-$59,999
07 $60,000-$69,999
08 $70,000-$79,999
09 $80,000-$89,999
10 $90,000-$99,999
11 $100,000 or more
*55 NA-illegal employment; respondent did not want to provide data. (Use only if respondent resists providing such information.)
66 Variable did not exist
77 Refused
88 N/A- not currently * competitively employed
99 Unknown
2 numeric
Include only competitive, above-minimum wage employment.

Include salary, commissions, tips, and bonuses.

Exclude income support, investment income, and settlements.

This question may be asked along with V292c.

Ask this question only if person is currently competitively employed, because this is a measure of projected income based on current competitive employment.

*If patient is illegally employed and--in the data collector's judgement--it would be inappropriate to ask about this participant's income, then use code 55.
Until this month, employment income was $675 a week from a full-time job. Employment income is now $255 a week from part-time work and about $425 a month from a home business.


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