Variable 133a
date of last revision: 01/01/06
01 = Motor vehicle (does not include auto racing. Auto racing is coded 18).
02 = Motorcycle: 2-wheeled, motorized vehicle including mopeds and motorized dirt bikes
03 = Bicycle (includes tricycles and unicycles)
04 = All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and all-terrain cycle (ATC): includes both 3-wheeled and 4-wheeled recreational vehicles, dune buggy and go-cart.
05 = Other vehicular, unclassified: includes tractor, bulldozer, steam roller, train, road grader, forklift, aircraft

NOTE: If two vehicles are involved, the cause of injury should be coded according to the vehicle on/in which the patient was riding.

10 = Gunshot Wound
11 = Assaults with blunt instrument (non-penetrating)
12 = Other Violence: includes all other penetrating wounds: stabbing, impalement. Also includes explosions (e.g. those caused by bomb, grenade, dynamite, gasoline)

13 = Water Sports: includes diving, water skiing, surfing (includes body surfing), swimming, boating, etc.
14 = Field/Track Sports: includes football, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, rugby, high jump and pole vault
15 = Gymnastic activities: includes trampoline, breakdancing and other gym activities
16 = Winter Sports: includes snow skiing, sled, snow tube, toboggan, snowmobile, etc.
17 = Air Sports: includes hang gliding, parachuting, para-sailing, glider kite, etc. (Does not include airplane. Airplane is coded 05.)
18 = Other unclassified sports: includes wrestling, horseback riding, rodeo (e.g. bronco/bull riding), skateboard, auto racing, etc.

19 = Fall: includes jumping and being pushed
20 = Hit by falling/flying object: includes ditch cave-in, avalanche, rock slide

NOTE: If person jumps from a moving vehicle, use code 19 in this variable, however, use appropriate vehicular ecode (E818.?) for variable 133b.

21 = Pedestrian

77 = Other unclassified: includes lightning, kicked by an animal, machinery accidents

99 = Unknown
2 numeric
*If person is found "down", try to determine what happened.

*This is an important variable. If the cause is not known, investigate as thoroughly as feasible and make a determination if possible. Also, be alert to information becoming available at a later time and be ready to record and submit it.
Patient was injured in a diving accident.


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