Variable 101a
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The "Dates" set of variables includes the following:

1. Date of injury
2. Date admitted to Model System emergency department
3. Date discharged from acute care
4. Date admitted to inpatient rehabilitation facility
5. Date discharged from inpatient rehabilitation facility
6. Date of death

08/08/8888 = Not Applicable
09/09/9999 = Unknown
8 date
If a patient completes acute care and inpatient rehabilitation and is then transferred to an alternate level of care (regardless of whether it is a designated Model System facility or not), this is considered the rehabilitation discharge date and the residence at discharge (V109) should reflect this alternate level of care discharge.

An alternate level of care is defined as a transfer of a patient from inpatient rehabilitation to a lower level of care (usually with maintenance therapy) after he/she is medically stable and reaches functional plateau (as determined by a medical doctor and utilization review committee.

If a patient is transferred to an alternate level of care within the designated Model System prior to inpatient rehabilitation, the ALC length of stay should be added to the Model System acute care stay or inpatient rehabilitation stay, which ever is most applicable.

Day hospital treatment should not to be included as part of inpatient rehabilitation stay.

Do not assume that the date of discharge from the acute care hospital is the same as the date of admission to inpatient rehab.

Do not include rehab in a day hospital as part of the inpatient stay.
Date of injury was April 13, 1988.

QUESTION: Person entered hospital NOT for TBI. Received a TBI in hospital. How to handle various issues in coding? 
ANSWER: If in-house TBI meets inclusion criteria, then enroll this person and code accordingly. Please contact if any specific coding questions.  (05-20-2004)

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