Variable 111d
date of last revision: 01/01/06
Number of weeks patient was competitively employed during the year prior to injury. *Includes illegal employment (see V111a for more information and for data collection instructions).
?? Number of weeks
66 Variable did not exist
*77 Refused
88 N/A-no competitive employment in the last year
99 Unknown
2 numeric
Include all weeks employed at minimum wage or higher. * Include vacation time and other types of leave if the person was paid during that time. Round partial weeks up to the nearest whole week.

If employment is infrequent but on a regularly scheduled basis, or if it is related to a specific function, then code the number of weeks during which the person has been employed. But, if days of employment are just random and the person might or might not do it again, then code the total number of weeks in which the person worked. (E.g., if the person worked 2 times a month for 9 months, then in the first situation 39 weeks should be coded. In the second situation 18 weeks should be coded.)

*If data collector does not ask this question because the participant was illegally employed, code "99=Unknown".
Patient worked October 11 through December 21.


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