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Mayo Clinic Traumatic Brain Injury Model System
Mayo Medical Center
Rochester, MN
Telephone: 507-255-5109
Project Director: James F. Malec, Ph.D.
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During the current five year funding cycle, the Mayo Clinic TBI Model System (TBIMS) will continue to contribute to the TBI Model Systems National Data Base, conduct collaborative studies with other TBI Model Centers, and complete three local research studies. The three local research projects focus on: (1) Decision-making and outcomes related to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation pathways; (2) Very long term (5-15+ years post-injury) process and outcomes for people with TBI identified through the Rochester Epidemiology Project; and (3) Telehealth-based (Internet) cognitive rehabilitation. In addition to professional publications and presentations, dissemination efforts will include the Mayo Clinic TBIMS web-site, the TBI Hotline, the newsletter (The Messenger), contributions to the COMBI web site and COMBI and TBIMS newsletters, and regular participation by Mayo Clinic TBIMS staff at all annual state BIA meetings in our extended 5-state geographical region. We are developing an Advocacy Training Program to help people with TBI and family and significant others in our region learn self-advocacy skills. To maintain continuous quality improvement and assess the regional impact of the Mayo TBIMS, feedback mechanisms are incorporated in many of these dissemination mechanisms, such as e-mail feedback from the Mayo TBIMS web site and feedback obtained through the Advocacy Training Program. People with TBI and their significant are involved at every level of the Mayo Clinic TBIMS-as staff, as advisors through the Mayo TBI Regional Advisory Council, through longstanding relationships with the BIA's in the five state region surrounding Mayo and through informal relationships with the people we serve.

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