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Investigating the Utility of Functional MRI in Assessing Cognition, Predicting Outcome and Planning Treatment in Persons Diagnosed with Minimally Conscious State.

The minimally conscious state (MCS) is a recently-defined state of altered consciousness characterized by inconsistent but clearly recognizable behavioral signs of consciousness. Recent functional neuroimaging studies suggest that persons in MCS may retain functional cortical networks capable of supporting complex cognitive functions. In combination with other sources of clinical data, fMRI may also help identify those individuals with severe TBI who are most likely to benefit from rehabilitative interventions. This study will conduct neurobehavioral and fMRI investigations of 15 patients diagnosed with MCS, compare the activation maps with those from neurologically normal control subjects, examine the relationship between neurobehavioral signs of object recognition and language process and fMRI activation, and evaluate the prognostic utility of these findings.

Registry Project Number: 417
Lead Investigator: Giacino, J
Lead Center for Project: JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
Collaborating Investigators: Kalmar, K, McCagg, C
Date of Completion: 06/30/2006
Type: Local
Status of Project: Latest Information Shown

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