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Personal Powered Mobility for Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury
Abstract: Personal powered mobility is well recognized as a crucial component in successful rehabilitation following severe physical disability. The ability of an adult to drive an electric powered wheelchair (EPW) functionally and unsupervised in a variety of environments is a significant determinant for employability, social access and self-esteem. The joystick is the traditional control device between a person with a disability and an EPW. Conventional movement-sensing joysticks (MSJ) provide access to electric powered wheelchairs (EPW) for many individuals, but some individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) do not have the motor skills to functionally operate a standard MSJ. Individuals with TBI often have tremors, spasticity, weakness,... more
Investigators: Zafonte R view full
Lead Center: University of Pittsburgh
Force Perception in Varying Feedback Situations Involving Persons with TBI
Abstract: Many individuals with moderate and severe TBI may experience lack of coordination, weakness, and a loss of fine motor control. Motor dyscontrol impacts balance, activities of daily living and ambulatory capacity. Therapies to improve functional capacity have met with varying success and the resources required for such interventions have been extensive. While individuals recover elements of extremity function after stroke or TBI, the problem of motor dyscontrol remains. Understanding the gaps between real and perceived performance may help to enhance motor training. A technique that could employ robotic assisted rehabilitation while utilizing perceptual gaps (the difference between perceived and true ability) would have unique... more
Investigators: Zafonte R view full
Lead Center: University of Pittsburgh
Severe Penetrating Head Injury: A Follow-up Study
Abstract: This study examines and describes the functional status of persons surviving a severe penetrating head injury, resulting from a gunshot wound (GSW), who require inpatient rehabilitation. Data was collected prospectively at four different time periods: rehabilitation admission and discharge, year 1and year 2 post-injury. Twenty-seven persons were enrolled in the study. Follow-up data were available at years 1 and 2 post-injury for 16 of these study participants. Results indicated functional improvements on the Disability Rating Scale and Functional Independence Measure from rehabilitation admission to discharge. Follow-up data revealed continued improvements on these measures with the greatest improvement in recovery occurring during the... more
Investigators: Wertheimer J, Wood D, Zafonte R, Hanks R view full
Lead Center: Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Charges and Lengths of Stay for Acute and Inpatient Rehabilitation Treatment of TBI 1990-1996
Abstract: Acute care daily charges showed almost routine increases, averaging nearly $550 per year. Conversely, lengths of stay generally showed a downward trend, with annual reductions averaging 2.25 days. Between 1990 and 1996, average daily rehabilitation charges increased each year, with the rise averaging $83 or 7%. The rise in daily rehabilitation charges was offset by corresponding decreases in lengths of stay averaging 3.65 days or 8% annually. Increases in daily charges for brain injury rehabilitation care were roughly comparable to those for general medical care prices. However, the rate of change in acute care charges was substantially greater, with annual increases averaging 10% more than national medical care prices... more
Investigators: Kreutzer J, Kolakowsky-Hayner S, Ripley D, Cifu D, Rosenthal M, Bushnik T, Zafonte R, Englander J, High Jr. W view full
Lead Center: Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia
Collaborating Centers: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Emory University/Shepherd Center, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research and Education Corporation, The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research

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